DEPICTING Pain | Abstract art
The project was to design an abstract representation of the emotion "pain."  To effectively convey my concept visually, I researched on the sensation of pain and the associated colors of it.
Pain, whether experienced physically, mentally, or emotionally, the word itself carries a negative connotation. When contemplating emotional pain, it consists the feeling of torment, grief, and anguish. I chose a darker color as my background as it can represents the sorrow a person may feel while they are in pain. I created shapes with hard edges that emphasize rough cracks of the feeling of being broken, and filled the shapes with red to symbolize agony and torment.
To further enhance the communication of my concept, I added a visual effect characterized by jagged, glitchy elements. This effect mirrors the distorted and fractured state of a person experiencing emotional pain. Interestingly, my inspiration for this effect stemmed from video games, specifically the shaky and vibrating visual feedback used when a character is either on the brink of death or taking significant damage.
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