An 11x17" poster that draws into the anatomy, history, design, personality, and other distinctive features of the typeface, Futura.
Futura, designed by Paul Renner in 1927, is a classic example of a geometric sans-serif typeface. This font is characterized by its strong reliance on basic geometric forms such as circles, triangles, and rectangles. It also features clean and precise proportions, rather than imitating organic script or handwriting. Futura is an extremely symmetrical typeface.
Given the simplicity of Futura's geometric shapes, my design adopts a minimalist color palette with primary colors: Red, Blue, and Yellow, though I did play with opacity to create various shades. Dotted lines, reminiscent of grids and measurements in geometry, are woven throughout the design. The subtle transparent shapes are also visible in the background, reinforcing the emphasis on geometric forms without overwhelming the focal point.
I also included a moon-like shape as a nod to its history - the Apollo Lunar Module used Futura for engraving during the 1969 lunar landing mission. Both the uppercase and lowercase glyphs are placed as the extended legs on the letters "R" and "A," forming a geometric triangle. A brief description of the typeface is situated on the right side of the poster, accompanied by a concise quote summarizing Futura's characteristic: "a geometric font for a modern world," placed at the bottom, making efficient use of the remaining available space.
Details & Close-Ups
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