Given the disorder schizophrenia, I designed two 18" by 24" poster to create awareness of the existence of this mental illness in our society using only simple shapes and lines.
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that is characterized by disruptions in thought processes, perceptions of reality, emotional responsiveness, and social interactions.
Hallucinations is seeing and/or hearing things that are actually not present, and it is one of the main symptoms for schizophrenia. In this case, I used wavy lines, which are similar to optical illusions, to represent this symptom. Another symptom for schizophrenia is flatten affect - which describes a person that has trouble showing any emotions and facial expressions and is always appeared to be flat and dull. I wanted to convey this idea by using simple and bland colors (black, white, and grey) as my overall composition. The text title, schizophrenia, is slowly fading in the background to represent the idea of sense of false perfection of reality. Lastly, I added the chromatic aberration effect on the wavy lines to further emphasize the effect of hallucinations.
 As for this approach, I wanted to dive into what a schizophrenic mind might seem to look like, as having disorganized thoughts and speech is also a common symptom in schizophrenia. This approach is rather simple and minimalistic, as I designed a ball made of strings with scribbles effect which shows the idea a schizophrenic's mind is all knotted, chaotic, and messy. The title of the text, schizophrenia, which also echoes the same noise as that ball of string so that viewers can connect the idea between the two elements.
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